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Pest Management Services
Insect & Other pests like Rats, Beetles, Cockroaches etc. are known to damage agriculture, residential and industrial establishments in several ways like reduction in yield, physical damage to the property, disruption in communication, fire hazard, industrial breakdown, food contamination, food poisoning, transmission of diseases (being a biological or mechanical vector). This ultimately results in both direct and indirect economic losses . Thus maintenance of your premises in this changing environment of limited space which prompts the pest to shelter, breed & multiply, right from commencement of construction to post occupancy is the need of the hour. We at Pest Control Ideal try and implement an Intellectual Ideal Pest Management ( IIPM) approach for utmost customer satisfaction.
Ideal General Pest Control (IGPC)
This is basically to control the most popularly known household insect pest Cockroach, Red Ants, Black Ants & Bed Bug. Cockroaches, the main species associated with man are Blattella Germanica, (German Cockroach), Blatta Orientalisf (the Oriental Cockroach), Periplaneta Americana (the American Cockroach). They are loathsome pests, spreading filth and ruining food, fabric and book blindings. They are mechanical vectors for many pathogenic bacteria including diarrhea. They regurgitate the food thereby contaminating the surface on which they crawl. They have a habitat of breeding and feeding in filth/ drain / gutter and contamination cycle from filth / drain to kitchen to food and to human beings.
Ideal Fly Control (IFC)
Despite their small sizes, flies are one of the most dangerous pests and are popularly known as house flies, because of their close association with man. They affect humans by Annoyance, Allergic Reaction, Parasitism and Disease Transmission. Flies carry many pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa) and transmit diseases like Cholera, Conjunctivitis, Diarrhea etc. They breed mainly in dung of domestic animals and birds, garbage, open sewerage, decaying live matter etc. Each female lays around 120 to 150 eggs per laying and their complete life cycle is over in 25 to 35 days. A single pair of mated flies could produce in single summer no less than 325,923,200,000,000 eggs.